Hello, I'm Alexandre Brun

The founder of  Ab Coaching

Who Am I?

I am French native and I am settled in Latin America since 2016. After studying foreign languages in France for three years, from 2007 to 2010, I enrolled in a business training program. At that time, I honestly had no idea what my life's goal could be. In 2013, I followed a friend and moved to Africa. A strong and burning desire led me to a whole new change in my life starting from scratch, 8000km from Paris. 

This led me to a backpacker's life full of adventures and trials, of discoveries about the world but also about myself and the kind of person I wanted to become, or what I could bring to others.

How has this decision impacted my life?

This new beginning changed the paradigms around which I lived, especially the tendency to want to control everything myself, and taught me humility. Travelling allowed me to confront very different cultures, and sometimes even led me to adapt in extreme ways. Many times, I left everything behind and settled in different countries.

I've always been a good learner, if that means getting good results in what I undertake. However, I have often felt frustration and a huge lack of discipline and consistency. I tended to start a course and then drop out because another opportunity presented itself. The lack of maturity did not allow me to realize the impact of attitude on results. 

Discovering the world opened my eyes. I quickly understood that intellectual abilities are useless without the right attitude and a support of internal values as a guide to the purpose of life. 

When I moved to Colombia I had the opportunity to work in different language schools as an English and French teacher. I trained myself in pedagogy and studied psychology and neuroscience to gradually adapt to the needs of the students.


I found a vocation in teaching.

Groupe de soutien
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How was the institute created?

Discover the "Aha" behind

Every idea starts with a problem. Mine was the frustration I felt at seeing most students start a language course with eyes full of stars and an unfailing motivation only to give up a few weeks or months later and throw away their dream.

Having struggled with that myself for many years, and after many trials, especially when I was a backpacker, going through tough hardships, becoming a teacher has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life. Teaching is incredible. The more I gave, the more I multiplied my own knowledge, creating an infinite flow of energy within me.

Why a coaching institute?

The exposure to coaching completely changed my vision and reshaped the project I had around the French language teaching. I felt the power that this new skill could have on students' results, and finally a possible solution to the lack of commitment and discipline that is very common among many of them. I therefore began to integrate coaching techniques into my courses, which not only allowed me to maintain a high rate of success on the official exams, but also to considerably reduce the preparation time.


Today, more than 90% of my students obtain their B2 level in 50 hours of preparation or less.

To learn a language, however, coaching is not enough and mentoring is necessary to transmit theoretical knowledge and train in the effective use of learning tools. The method that I offer thus includes mentoring and coaching, giving clients everything they need to realize their dream or, if need be, to continue their preparation in full autonomy without having to invest in a new program.

I have also integrated the regular practice of mindfulness meditation to improve concentration and productivity. My program not only prepare customers for an exam, but also impact their professional and work life, taking it to the next level.

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