Welcome to the Business French Program


  • your rights and duties as a consumer

  • how to carry out administrative procedures

  • how to start and run a business in France/Québec

  • how to collaborate effectively and consciously

  • how to manage conflicts within your company

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This program is accessible by selection according to your level, as the content is given 100% in French. Divided into three modules, it will provide you with all the useful information and tools you need to integrate in a French-speaking country, whether you plan to study or work there as an expatriate.

The first module focuses on business French from an individual point of view, as a citizen and consumer. The second module will provide you with all the necessary information if you are emigrating as an expatriate or if you intend to create a business or invest in a company. The third and final module focuses on coaching and provides the tools to improve communication and collaboration within your company, as well as conflict management. 

You can choose one module or several depending on your needs, but I strongly advise you to consider working on all three to get a more complete overview and be 100% prepared before your integration in the host country. 

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Module 1

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Module 2

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Module 3