Welcome to the French Intensive Program


  •  How to hold a conversation with natives

  • How to master any tense in total confidence

  • The most used verbs and vocabulary

  • How to express yourself as a native speaker

     And you will get all along the program

     Methodology tips and Meditation technics

French is often dreaded by learners, who consider that it is a difficult language to learn. It is not. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as long as you take the right perspective and focus on what really matters. A language is first and foremost a communication tool, and if what you are looking for is the ability to speak naturally and confidently, there is no need to know the exact grammatical terms or to learn thousands of words.

At Ab Coaching, we start with a coaching session in which we explore together the brakes to learning and the potential within you, transforming the gap between both into energy to give the necessary strength to your goal. We then fill the time-management tool and 98define learning habits together, aligned with your core values, making you accountable for your overall success throughout the program. 

From a real commitment that you make from the start, you will have all the keys in hand and in the end, you can be proud of your performance. You can choose to study on your own or with the support of a mentor and coach expert in the French language to help you on a day-to-day basis. The first 24 hours of the program are more conceptual and are an essential pillar and support for the remaining 26 hours, dedicated to practice and oriented towards your specific goal. 

The most efficient way to learn French | Powerful tools to learn faster
The most efficient way to learn French | Powerful tools to learn faster

You too, like over 90% of our clients, get your B2 in only 50 hours of mentoring and coaching !

Sous l'Arc de Triomphe

Module 1


Module 3

Château français

Module 5

14 juillet

Module 2

fenêtre Bakery

Module 4

Fans de football français

Module 6